Part 1 - Pink Boots Society Membership Application

Pink Boots Society Membership is open to all women (cis, trans, female identifying, and non-binary individuals) who meet the following qualifications:

1) Professional Membership:

Current or Retired Fermented/Alcoholic Beverage Industry Professionals who are either actively employed and receiving 25% or more of their income from the industry, or retired from a career (minimum 15 years) in the Fermented/Alcoholic Beverage Industry.

2) Business in Planning Membership:

Individuals in the process of opening an Alcoholic Beverage Industry Business, such as a brewery, taproom, brewpub, tasting room, bar, bottle shop or other establishments with a TTB approval and/or lease in place.

3) Student Membership:

Students currently enrolled in a Fermented/Alcoholic Beverage Industry accredited program.

To be added to the Pink Boots Society membership roster, apply now!

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